Free web hosting is ideal for you if you need only a minimum bandwidth and storage space; the first time users mostly prefer this. This web hosting service is free of charge; since it is given free the hosting provider takes the advantage to put advertisements on you websites page, this is a practice followed by most of the free hosting companies. For video and image hosting the free hosting is not recommended, in here you will not be able to transfer files and data that are more than 5MB and MP3 media files cannot be played on it, these are the biggest demerit of this hosting service. To put it in simple words, this hosting service offers you only the very essential necessities as they are meant for the beginners.

These hosting providers only generate revenue from the web page advertising, they do not get anything from selling their services. The majority of the people find it less attractive as the service and control offered by the free service provider is not consistent. Only people who wish to carry out a first time experiment will go for it.

Today, the paid hosting companies offer packages that are reasonably priced. This type of hosting provides protection for your personal files and data against all threats as they have set up efficient firewalls on the server. Moreover, these hosting companies offer you personalized control panels and email accounts. You have the freedom to choose and operating system and also install any hardware which you feel it's necessary for you. If you want to earn substantial amount of cash through your website then the right thing for you is the paid hosting service. This hosting service is very standard and even though you spend some money on it, the kind of results it gives is very fruitful.