August 30, 2020
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House Removals 101: Pack Properly and Carefully

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According to the Australian Housing Industry Association (HIA) monthly report, sales of new Australian homes rose 6.8% in November after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut the rate by 25 basis points. However, there's a long way before the sales volumes are restored to acceptable levels. HIA Chief Economist Harley Dale said, "At present, sales volumes are running at least 20 per cent below what you could conservatively call healthy." Another interest rate cut in February would really start the year on a good note but experts advise that there's still more work to be done in 2012 before we can say that we are heading in the right direction.

Always Moving Stuff Makes Furniture Removals Easy and Stress-Free

If this increasing sales volume continues, it means more individuals and families are scouting for new homes. There will be more transfer of people and movement of things within the country. In Sydney, a trusted removalist specialises in furniture removals for home and office transfers. With over 25 years of offering removals services, Always Moving Stuff is a furniture removalist team who are experts in handling house removals, relocations, and moving needs efficiently. They can provide you with the best advice on how to have a hassle-free move.

Packing and Labelling Tips

For people who haven't tried moving yet, it would really be a stressful task if you don't know where to start. An effective way to remove the stress in planning your move is through careful preparation. A well thought out plan like packing properly your furniture and household items is the key to ensuring the safety and protection of your fragile household pieces and home wares. Here are some useful tips to help you pack different items:

*Before packing anything, throw out as much unnecessary compiled junk as you can or give to charity the furniture and appliances you won't bring to your new house. This way, you'll have fewer items to pack and move, making your transfer faster and cheaper. Don't bring junk from your old house to your new home.
-Lighter and smaller items should be put in large boxes; heavier and bigger items in small boxes.
-Don't use newspaper for wrapping because it can leave black prints on the items; use clean white paper instead.
-Pack by room so it's easy to locate and put the boxes in the designated room in the new house.
-Make sure assembly instructions or manuals and the nuts and bolts of the furniture are kept properly or taped together with the furniture to avoid losing them.
-Fill the boxes to capacity. Boxes will be crushed if not full and will tear apart if overfilled.
-Use old linen to cover furniture.
-For glass furniture, wrap it with newspaper to avoid scratching it. For glassware and breakable pieces, wrap them individually.
-Tape and seal all cleaning fluids and other liquids.
-Label all boxes clearly so it's easy to place them in their correct rooms in the new house.
-Label boxes as soon as you're finished packing them so you don't have to re-open them in case you forget what's inside them.

Moving can be tiring, but if you're organised and efficient, your move will be smooth flowing and manageable.


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