September 14, 2020
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How To Meet The Challenge of Turkey Hunting

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I have always loved turkey hunting and have tried to make it a yearly tradition when all of the men of my family get together for a few days of fun and relaxation. There is nothing like trying to bring home that bird for the Thanksgiving meal, something we have not been able to do every year but have been able to accomplish quite a few times. Although I find turkey hunting to be a great thrill, it is not for everyone.

I have been asked quite a few times what my recommendations are for a successful hunt and the first thing I tell people is that it is a sport that requires great patience, sometimes waiting all day without any success. The thrill of the hunt is enough for some hunters but if you are not a patient person then I suggest moving on to some other type of sport.

Turkey hunting is very challenging and a true test of skill which is one reason many hunters find it so appealing. Because turkeys are known for being elusive creatures, you must learn to think like the birds themselves, positioning yourself at feeding, watering or roosting grounds before the birds arrive and waiting them out. Many hunters have also done well in learning to call the birds in.

I find that I have the most success by being in position and waiting for the flock to arrive. Once in range, it is important to remember to wait for a bird to line up in your sight before shooting and making as little of movement as possible so you do not scare the flock. You will need speed when doing this and learn to draw a bow or line up a rifle without being detected by the birds keen eyesight. This is a must since you may only be given one chance at a shot for the entire day.

Practicing safety during the entire hunt is vital to but at this point is extremely important. Dress appropriately by completely covering yourself in camouflage appropriate for the area you are hunting in. Also, take great care not to wear anything red, white or blue that would resemble the colors of the gobbler. I have heard many stories of hunters almost taking a shot before realizing they were seeing the cigarette pack or a flash of color from the clothing of another hunter.

The thrill of the hunt and the adrenaline that shoots through you when you think you have finally spotted that bird you have waited so patiently for, can easily cause a tragic accident if you are not careful. Practice safe hunting and make your presence known to other hunters by calling out in a clear voice.

I try to be as safe as possible by not only wearing the right hunting apparel but also choosing my spot wisely. You will do well to look for a spot that offers full coverage from behind, such as a tree, without affecting your visibility in the front and sides. This will give you the advantage of having protection from behind but keeping your visibility and shooting range open in the front.

Sometimes you find a great spot only to be surrounded by other hunters and although no one likes to give away a good spot, it is better to make your presence known than to be a victim of an over eager hunter. Hunting is a great sport and a way to have a lot of fun. Having the right hunting gear and practicing safety while in the field will ensure you have a great experience while turkey hunting.


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