October 11, 2020
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Importance Of Choosing The Right Solar Mounting Systems

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So, you now have the components of your home solar energy system including the photovoltaic cells, battery and inverter, among others. But the system is not yet complete despite your belief otherwise. You must look into solar mounting systems as the finishing touches to complete the setup.

Reasons for Mounting

Why are solar mounts important to the entire eco-friendly energy system? After all, you can just prop up the photovoltaic cells against the wall of the house, place the cells on the roof and even make a wooden trellis for the cells. These ways will be cheaper than buying a solar mounting system for the photovoltaic array, too.

However, this is not so. The financial savings generated with the non-purchase of the right solar mount will be grossly insufficient once the photovoltaic arrays suffer from extreme damage and the solar energy system becomes highly inefficient.

To put it another way, here are the top three reasons why solar mounting systems are important for all types of solar energy setups, be it in a home or in an industrial factory.

* The photovoltaic cells must be mounted in precise angles with the aim being to catch the maximum amount of sunshine for most of the year. Keep in mind that the higher the amount of sunlight captured by the photovoltaic array, the greater the opportunity for the solar energy system to be at its most efficient and effective.

* The photovoltaic cells are also sensitive to changes in the environmental temperature. Solar mounts ensure that the solar cells have a certain degree of protection from extreme temperature changes, thus, boosting energy efficiency as well as extending the cells' useful lifetime.

* The photovoltaic cells must stay in place for the obvious reason that any cracks in their surface from accidental falls will also lessen their energy efficiency and functional lifetime.

Whatever amount will be spent on the solar mounting systems for the photovoltaic cells will be repaid in its full measure, so to speak. Your home's solar energy system will be more efficient and effective while your photovoltaic cells are protected from premature damage brought by accidental falls, temperatures changes and other natural elements.

Types of Mounting

All of the abovementioned benefits of solar mounting systems can only be enjoyed if and when you chose the right system to use. If you are in doubt as to the right choice, position and assembly of solar mounts, the best thing to do is to call in a professional in the field. Again, whatever additional cost incurred will be recouped many times over in the next 25 years of the solar energy system's use.

Choices of solar mounting include:

* Roof-mounted systems are the most common type since these are the least expensive way and yet one of the most efficient methods of collecting sunlight. On the roof, there are lesser shade issues to deal with as well.

* Tracking mounts are the most efficient in the market today but are also the most expensive. These are intelligent mounts in that tracking the sun is an automatic function.

* Ground-mounted systems consist of a rack structure attached to the ground. These mounts have the advantage of being oriented directly to the south an optimum angle.

Choose from among these solar mounting systems today and enjoy the benefits tomorrow.


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