November 4, 2020
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Industrial Lighting Design for Efficiency and Productivity

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The purpose of industrial lighting is to provide energy efficient illumination in quality and quantity sufficient for safety and to enhance visibility and productivity within a pleasant environment. Industry encompasses seeing tasks, operating conditions and economic considerations for a wide range. Visual tasks may be extremely small or very large; dark or light; opaque, transparent or translucent; and may involve flat or contoured shapes. With each of the various task conditions, lighting must be suitable for adequate visibility and productivity in developing raw materials into finished products. Physical hazards exist in manufacturing processes; therefore, lighting must contribute to the utmost as a safety factor in preventing accidents. Also, lighting must be a compensating factor to increase the speed of vision.

Lighting must serve not only as a production tool and as a safety factor, but should also contribute to the overall environmental conditions of the work space. The lighting system should be part of an overall planned environment. The design of a lighting system and selection of equipment may be influenced by many economic and energy related factors.

General Considerations of Design for Lighting Industrial Areas
The designer of an industrial lighting system should consider the following factors as the important requirements of good planning.

*Determine the quantity and quality of illumination desirable for safety of personnel the manufacturing processes and the environment.

*Select lighting equipment that will provide the quantity and quality requirements by examining photometric characteristics, mechanical performance, operating and actual maintenance conditions.

*Select and arrange equipment so that it will be easy and practical to maintain.

*Making use of Energy Efficient Lighting balance all of the energy management considerations and economic factors including initial, operating and maintenance costs, versus the quantity and quality requirements for optimum visual performance.

*Abnormally high temperatures may be common in steel mills, forge shops, etc. Caution should be observed in selecting lighting equipment for mounting in such locations, it is particularly important to consider the temperature limitations of Fluorescent Light Fixtures and high intensity discharge ballasts under such conditions.

*Regular cleaning and prompt replacement of lamp outages is essential in any well-operated industrial lighting system. It is important for the lighting designer to analyze luminary construction and reflector finish and also to make provisions for maintenance access so the system can be properly serviced.

*Difficult seeing tasks often require a specific amount or quality of lighting which cannot readily be obtained by general lighting methods. To solve such problems supplementary luminaries should be used to provide higher level of visibility for small or restricted areas. Also, they are used to furnish a certain luminance or color, or to permit special aiming or positioning of light sources to avoid shadows to best portray the details of the task.

It is necessary to recognize the exact nature of the visual task and to understand its light reflecting or transmitting characteristics. An improvement in the visibility of the task will depend upon one or more of the four fundamental visibility factors -- luminance, contrast, size and time. Thus, in analyzing the problem, the designer of the lighting may find that visual difficulty is caused by insufficient luminance, poor contrast, small size, or that task motion is too fast for existing visual conditions.

Therefore planning of right Lighting Solutions is required for visual comfort of workers in the industries. Lighting equipment must be carefully shielded to prevent glare for the users. Luminance ratios should be carefully controlled. Ratios between task and immediate surroundings should be limited. Go for the best Industrial Lighting that suits your specific application needs.

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