October 26, 2020
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Locking Mailboxes-Residential And Commercial Protection

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So many myths exist about things like theft and identity theft that it's hard to sort out the reality sometimes. Having the wrong knowledge is as damaging or as detrimental as no knowledge sometimes. The reality of the US mail is that sometimes it gets stolen and when it does happen it can cost you plenty. Locking mailboxes can help. Residential mail theft is on the upsurge and what it can mean to you is something that we all need to think about.

Locking mailboxes are one of the most important factors in preventing the theft of your mail. When your mail is stolen, more than just your personal business or private information is at risk. It's an easy step to taking your identity and opening accounts in your name once you have the information that may come in the mail. Locking mailboxes can actually help to prevent identity theft. It's not a well known fact, but it is the best way to stop identity fraud and one we should all consider taking.

Identity theft was one of the most prolific crimes of the past couple of years. Several billion dollars a year are lost by individuals and businesses to identity fraud. The reality is that it has been seriously problematic to many people, but most of us aren't aware that the risk of identity theft is not strictly online.

Identity theft was considered to be primarily an online crime until a closer look was taken at where a great deal of the identity theft came in. Once those statistics were all in, it was revealed that identity fraud often came from people who were having their mail stolen since they did not have locking mailboxes. Residential mail theft is one of the top ways that identity fraud actually occurs.
Only about forty percent of the identity fraudtaking place today is coming from online methods and stolen data. Most of the remaining sixty percent is coming from stolen credit card offers which come in the mail.

Nearly all of us have received those pre-approved offers of credit. Without locking mailboxes it is easy to see how someone could remove an offer of credit which has already been approved, change the address and then take out the credit card in their own name. In order to prevent that, one single item can help you to create the biggest stumbling block to the would-be identity theft. Locking mailboxes; residential and commercial, can offer you a first line of defense against having your identity stolen.

If you're serious about preventing identity fraud and protecting yourself, consider locking mailboxes. Residential and commercial locking mailboxes are available for a cost that may be slightly more than the standard mailbox, but may save you untold amounts of money and headaches.


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